Getting Started

So you started a business. Congratulations! Now you need an online presence to spread the word and sell your work. Great. Just build your website, set up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and start a blog about your business and poof! Overnight success right? Wrong.

Millions of businesses have all these key pieces in place to attract potential clients, but their success wasn’t built overnight, and in most cases they didn’t do it alone.

I’ve heard it all; my brother’s wife, my son’s friend, or I have a cousin that can build me a website. Fantastic! When? In most cases the site is never built, partially built, or created halfheartedly after much nagging to get it done. None of which will help your business.

It takes time to set up a meaningful online platform. Websites have to attract your clients in both visual and content to grab their attention. Your social media has to be targeted and nurtured to network and build a following.

It’s no longer about SELL, SELL, SELL!  It’s about how can I help you? It’s about connecting with groups and sharing information. It’s about story your telling.

Sixteen years ago I started creating websites for small businesses. A lot has changed since then. Websites have changed to include eCommerce, blogs, videos, and social media links. Content has become instrumental in capturing a reader to continue through a site, to follow the blog, or share the story.

I’ve met a lot of new business owners who didn’t have the knowledge, time or desire to build their website let alone keep up with a social media platform. However paying someone else wasn’t always the answer either. I had created their websites and set them up, but from there they were at a loss as to what to do.

Network Wednesday was created to help entrepreneurs to build their social media followers. I was meeting with clients locally at a coffee shop to discuss the how-to basics of online networking and to share ideas. It grew into an evening of business like-minded people sharing ideas and inspiring new ideas that built business relationships to a new level of networking.

The value of utilizing groups to build business relationships is expanding online. This blog is dedicated to helping others build their business online. I will be adding information on how to interact with potential customers, how to use a website to promote your book and how to promote your business of any kind online.

Follow and share! Contact me if you have particular questions you need help with your business online presence. I’ll be glad to help.