Experience vs Education

By P K Wheaton

I had one college professor tell me in class that ‘you don’t need a degree to write anymore.’ As much as that angered and frustrated me since I spent time and money to get my degree – she was right. Today anyone from anywhere can write for a living. The kicker is what caliber of writing do you want to read?

There are great writers who have self taught themselves and have had amazing success. Whether they are great novelists or bloggers, their success has been made through time and trial and error. There are also thousands of books, online classes, blogs, and yes even YouTube (where you can learn anything and everything you ever wanted to know) available for those who choose not to learn from a class room.

The advantage that I worked for was to learn among a student body that consisted of a diversity of ages, cultures and experiences from all over the world. True the classes themselves would build my writing ability, but the experience I gained in classes would help provide me with the knowledge of how to communicate globally.

Businesses are looking for writers that are English speaking or can write English as their native language. All though there are plenty of businesses that are requiring their writers to have a writing degree, their primary focus today is to have the ability to communicate in English. I find that ironic in a world of press one for English and two for Spanish! However the fact remains that B4B online want the look and content of native English language for clear crisp communication.

Online writing is a global opportunity to communicate to a diverse group; however writing for a targeted business audience needs to be direct and concise. So when it comes to writing from experience or writing with a degree, the fact remains that a business will choose the writer who can clearly connect to their need and their audience.