My portfolio is simply a collection of projects I’ve either completed or am currently working on. I am always looking for ways to improve my craft, which means I am always learning. Technology itself is constantly changing and how we connect and share information is an ongoing learning curve.

I see this as a positive, because if I’m writing for your blog, book or website – you will have a fresh effective content that will draw your reader in.


I’ve been designing websites since 2000 and there have been huge changes over the years. Simpler formats still offered effective presentation, however today many people are using or prefer WordPress for the look and capabilities of a website to include a eCommerce and blog all on one site location.

Website developing has become more accessible for non-developers to create their own sites. Many of my clients though feel that they would rather focus on their business or writing their next book and let me handle creating a website that best suits their needs.

This site is created in WordPress and I have additional sites in progress using this style. I will be adding those links on for you to see soon.

Other sites I have designed and written content for and still maintain:



Content Writing

In addition to the websites I’ve developed and written content for, I also set up and manage most of the sites social media platforms. Social media has had an enormous impact on connecting and sharing stories on people and business. There are a multitude of platforms for social media and its changing everyday. This doesn’t mean you need to be on everyone – you would never be able to keep on it! Learning what works best for your needs is something I can help you with.

SEO placement is also a necessary key element for online recognition. B2B sites need SEO so that their targeted audience, whether locally or worldwide, have the capability of searching and finding their business services or products.

Blogging, ghostwriting, books

I have written or am currently writing for the following blogs:

CoSpot WordPress Blog:

Better Boat:

The Michigan Beer Show:

PK Wheaton blog:

My own blog is to share information for business owners and writers to learn how to use a website and social media platform to share their story and create an online presence.

Ghostwriting material for others is available, go to my service page for more information.I cannot list clients or projects I ghostwrite for, because that’s the point of being a ghostwriter!

Books and eBooks: Books can be a huge project in any niche and I would rather discuss the details directly with you if you’re interested. eBooks have become popular for businesses to provide information and more importantly to draw a targeted audience in to become customers.

Fiction, how-to subjects, or business information and history, whatever your message is I can help you write it. Contact me today and let’s discuss your book ideas!